Michael L. Neary, President

Michael L. Neary directs the day to day operations of the company and directs Dimension’s business development program and leads the effort for direct principal investment for Dimension. He also supports John Lang in sourcing both debt and equity for our clients.

Dimension affiliates historically have engaged in forming partnerships to acquire major interests in publicly traded companies. DCP aims to maximize shareholder value and to aggressively engage in corporate takeover activity. Noteworthy was the takeover in 1987 of Aloha Airlines in which Mr. Neary became the largest shareholder in the airline, forcing a management restructure that took the company private. At the time of the transaction, Aloha was the second largest percentage-gainer on the American Stock Exchange. In partnership with a major Canadian investment group, DDC held large positions in the Southland Financial Corporation and in the Southland Corporation. Both companies subsequently went private following the announcement of Dimension’s position resulting in substantial gains for DDC’s investment partnerships. These transactions laid the foundation for Mr. Neary building an extensive network of Wall Street contacts with hedge funds, private equity investors, investment banks and real estate opportunity funds. His relationships are with the most senior management of those firms.

Prior to founding Dimension Development Company in 1979 with Ronald Evans and T. Pat Smith, Mr. Neary began his career assembling sites for regional malls, completing thirteen transactions for clients including Melvin Simon and Associates, Paul Broadhead and Associates, Homart, and Debartolo Corporation. DDC engaged in regional mall development and ventured three malls with Homart, Simon and Broadhead. Dimension also has developed more than 5,000 apartments; 10,000 single family lots; and more than 2 MM sf of shopping centers. The company has also developed a number of master planned resort communities encompassing both vertical and horizontal development.

In addition to his real estate activities, in 1975 Mr. Neary founded On Your Mark Systems, Inc., a thirteen-store chain of athletic shoe stores. In 1984, he sold On Your Mark to Foot Locker. He was also a founder of Emerson Restaurants Inc. Emerson focused on fast food operations in regional malls including Famous Ramos Hot Dogs, a 78-unit chain that was sold to Orange Julius.

Mr. Neary was also a founding shareholder of Cline Brothers Exploration, a Houston, Texas based oil and gas exploration company, and he has personally acquired oil and gas production with a PV 10 value in excess of $25 MM.

Professional affiliations include membership in ICSC and ULI. Mr. Neary is a past member of the Chairman’s Council of the National Realty Committee.

Mr. Neary is director and office holder of numerous charitable organizations. His educational background includes studies at University of Texas and SMU College of Law.

CONTACT MIKE NEARY:  214-855-9590  |  mike.neary@dcpfs.com